A green Karl Marx

Karl Marx was deeply committed to ecology? Really???

Professor Ted Benton
| 11th June 2018
Discussion of Karl Marx’s continuing relevance was on his recent 200th birthday still dominated by 'traditional' understandings of Marxism. TED BENTON, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Essex, argues that sadly, there was little – far too little – on Marx’s thinking on the relations between humans and nature

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<p>People stand a top an ever growing rubbish dump sorting through waste in Brazil (c) Marcello Casal Jr./Agência Brasil</p>

Our obsolescent economy: modern capitalism and 'throwaway culture'

Steven Gorelick
| 26th September 2017
We live in a throwaway society. Innovation in the tech industries mean ever more powerful products come to market. But the death of repair shops and a culture of reliance is not simply the result of shiny new things. Corporations, and capitalism itself, requires planned obsolesce, argues STEVEN GORELICK

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The revolution is already happening

Michael Townsend
| 28th November 2013
We do not have to be constrained by our current dysfunctional system of capitalism, argues Michael Townsend. People are already finding and implementing more attractive alternatives. A quiet revolution is under way ...

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Graciela Chichilnisky

Will 21st century capitalism go green?

Graciela Chichilnisky
| 21st September 2010
The role of economics and the future of capitalism will be to preserve our natural resources rather than destroy them but the US may be missing the message, says economist Graciela Chichilnisky

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Molly Scott Cato

The tao of work

Molly Scott Cato
| 19th June 2009
The whole notion of a 'work/life balance' is a symptom of how divided we have become from what makes our lives meaningful, and what brings home the bacon

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Life and debt

Molly Scott Cato
| 23rd April 2009
This budget season, and so a short perambulation around the vexed question of the national debt seems in order. As a nation we've been living with debt for more the 300 years now, since 1694 to be precise, when Scottish privateer William Paterson persuaded the government of the time that creating £1.2 million of IOUs would get them out of their spending difficulties.

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What the flux?

Joss Garmen
| 16th December 2008
History will remember 2008 for its ‘crisis of capitalism’. The crash on Wall Street was the game-changer in the US election race, and it could soon be remembered as the gamechanger on climate change, too.

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