carbon emissions

China’s emissions keep on rising

Lauri Myllyvirta
Emma Howard
| 26th September 2018
CO2 from the world’s biggest emitter had been in decline until last year. Now data reveals a three percent year-on-year increase in the first half of 2018. LAURI MYLLYVIRTA and EMMA HOWARD investigate

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Submerged cars

Climate apathy could mean disaster – but it isn’t inevitable

Leo Barasi
| 18th April 2018
Public support for policies designed to reduce carbon emissions and prevent catastrophic climate change is vital. Yet people are naturally resistant when such policies mean sacrificing holidays and rewards they have earned through hard work. LEO BARASI argues there is a solution to this world-defining paradox

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Hyatt Hotels

Behind the Brand: Hyatt Hotels

Peter Salisbury
| 16th November 2011
The carbon footprint produced by travel doesn’t evaporate at the airport - hotels are big energy consumers, polluters and carbon emitters too. The Ecologist looks into hotel chain Hyatt's efforts to go green

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A green bulb

10 things to do during Climate Week

Jeff Holman
| 16th March 2011
Fancy going to a clothing upcycling workshop, learning how to cook insects from a celebrity chef or sharing tips on greening your office or school? Here's the Ecologist's pick of ideas to get you geared up for Climate Week

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