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Eco Ironman

CASE STUDY: keeping fit and living green

Kate Herbert
| 15th September 2009
On 4th October 'EnvIronman' Jon Alexander will attempt to prove that environmentalism and athleticism can go hand-in-hand at Challenge Barcelona. Kate Herbert meets the greenest ever Ironman to talk triathlons

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CASE STUDY: baking and selling real bread

Laura Sevier
| 22nd May 2009
The creation of the modern loaf is an industrial process that uses a cocktail of artificial ingredients - but for taste, bite and goodness, nothing beats the old ways. Laura Sevier meets a baker bidding to become the saviour of our daily bread

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CASE STUDY: from campaign group to Westminster

Dixe Wills
| 20th March 2009
From chasing endangered parrots to hunting for the environmental holy grail with Friends of the Earth, one of Britain's pre-eminent eco campaigners wants to take his quest for a better, greener world to the halls of Westminster.
Dixe Wills meets a man on a mission

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