The zombie technofix

Corporate Watch
| 25th January 2019
Relying on unproven technologies such as Carbon Capture and Storage is a dangerous distraction from the more systematic changes required to tackle climate change.

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Olivine beach at South Point, Hawaii - as the green-hued rock and sand is weathered by the waves, it sequesters carbon dioxide. Photo: Lauren Bacon via

No to Carbon Capture and Storage!

Olaf Schuiling
| 8th January 2014
Dutch MPs may approve an expenditure of €150 million for a CCS plant to separate CO2 and store it under the North Sea. Professor Olaf Schuiling begs them to refuse - and pursue greener alternatives!

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A landscape created by a love of oil

Carbon capture no solution to tar sands

The Ecologist
| 26th October 2009
Even the most optimistic forecasts for the potential of CCS technology to reduce CO2 emissions are not enough to make the development of tar oil sands comparable with other fossil fuels, says a new report

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Coal is over

Joss Garman
| 22nd June 2008
Britain lingers near to the bottom of the European league table for renewable energy, so why does it seem that the government are willing to add more coal nails to the coffin?

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