Ecologist New Voices: Cara Augustenborg

6th July 2016
Cara is one of the Ecologist's New Voices contributors. An Irish-American environmental scientist and climate communicator living in Ireland, she lectures in climate change at University College Dublin and blogs and vlogs as ‘The Verdant Yank'. Here she challenges all environmental scientists to demand action on Climate Change from the politicians still turning a blind eye

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Exxon, one of the largest fossil fuel companies is surrounded in controversy. Photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr (CC BY)

Scandal! Exxon knew about climate change, boosted denialism, misled shareholders, went carbon heavy

Bill McKibben
| 9th March 2016
One of the world's biggest energy companies has been caught out in what may be the biggest ever climate scandal, writes Bill McKibben. Way back in the 1980s ExxonMobil knew of the 'potentially catastrophic' and 'irreversible' effects of increasing fossil fuel consumption, but chose to cover up the findings, spread misinformation on climate change, and go for high carbon energy sources.

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Acacia tree in the desert

The Great Green Wall

Bobby Bascomb
| 12th July 2012
Africa’s answer to climate change is a proposed 4,000-mile long, nine mile wide wall of trees stretching from Senegal to Djibouti. Designed to stop encroaching desertification, some interpret the project (and its benefits) literally whilst others see it as more of a metaphor. Despite this split, the project is now taking root in Senegal where they have already planted 50,000 acres of trees.

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Drivers of Change

Drivers of Change, by Chris Luebkeman

Rebecca Heald
| 5th August 2009
When it comes to playing cards, this is a rigged deck. Rigged, that is, with information on pretty much every single important social, environmental and economic issue humankind is ever likely to face...

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Blog: The Carteret Islanders

Dan Box
| 19th February 2009
So, the Carteret Islands are sinking, but why should you care? It’s a question well worth trying to answer; after all, the islands are a long, long way away, you are unlikely to meet the people who are about to loose their homes and when they do, it won’t change your daily life.

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