How to improve indoor air quality

Laura Sevier
| 3rd March 2009
If you thought you could hide from smoke and smog indoors, you've got another thing coming. Laura Sevier takes a look at the problem of in-house pollution, and offers advice on what you can do to clear the air

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Hell for leather

Jim Wickens
| 1st June 2008
Must-have handbags? shoes to die for? From cheap trinkets to luxury car interiors, Jim Wickens discovers the startling facts behind what we buy into when we buy leather goods.

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Read the label: Detergents

Pat Thomas
| 7th February 2008
No one should have to choose between looking good and being healthy, which is why each month we will be taking a critical look at the active ingredients in personal care products and asking why manufacturers continue to choose toxic ones over safer alternatives.

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Nearly 500 US cosmetics 'unsafe'

1st October 2007
478 cosmetic products on sale in the US contain doses of toxic chemicals which are unsafe, even when used as directed on the bottle, the US NGO the Environmental Working Group has revealed.

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Chemically Bonded

Zoe Cormier
| 1st December 2006
For the Canadian Aanishnaabek tribe, who live on a reserve surrounded by chemical plants, there seems no escape. Do they leave, and abandon their past, or stay, and perhaps lose their future? Zoe Cormier investigates

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Cargill: size is everything

Brewster Kneen
| 1st April 2003
If you want to understand why globalisation is so destructive, you need look no further than the invisible food giant Cargill. By Brewster Kneen.

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Fatal Harvest

The Ecologist
| 1st November 2002
In the second part of our adaptation of Fatal Harvest’s iconoclastic analysis of agribusiness propaganda, The Ecologist reveals the real cost of industrial food.

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