IKEA withdraws its commitment to gold standard welfare for chickens

Jack Alexander
| 30th November 2017
The Compassion in World Farming Good Chicken Award is being embraced by more multinational companies operating in more nations then ever before. But IKEA has just withdrawn from the programme in seven countries. JACK ALEXANDER reports on how IKEA's apparent lack of progress is completely at odds with the growing movement for higher welfare chicken production

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The Forest King

Andrew Wasley
| 7th August 2008
It was bred to aid the rural poor, but one bird is also helping break industrialised farming’s stranglehold on India. Andrew Wasley meets the remarkable Giriraja

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Special Report Supermarkets: Chicken

Felicity Lawrence
| 1st September 2004
Wander down the meat aisle of any supermarket and you will find mountains of chicken being sold at unbelievably cheap prices. The real reasons for this cannot be found on the label.

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Flawed Research

The Ecologist
| 1st February 2003
Last month the Food Standards Agency declared that eating organic chickens increases risk of campylobacter poisoning. So what?

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