climate change

Engineering the climate could cost us the earth

Gareth Dale
| 30th August 2018
Capitalism is pouring billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - driving climate change. Proposed solutions include reflecting the sun's light away from earth and sucking the carbon out again - through geoengineering. But is this realistic, is it safe, is it just sleight of hand? Dr GARETH DALE investigates

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A road damaged by Hurricane Nate (2017)

Climate change and migration: the need for a new media narrative

Maria Sakellari
| 29th August 2018
People forced by climate change to relocate are described by the media as victims or as security threats. There is little information about vulnerable communities’ fight to secure a viable future. We need to challenge these representations to provoke policies that protect the inherent rights of people affected by climate change, argues MARIA SAKELLARI

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UK fracking go-ahead further chills the renewables sector

Joseph Dutton
| 27th July 2018
The UK government’s decision this week to allow fracking undermines its commitments to tackle climate change and reduce fossil fuel use. It came just days before the government’s own data showed renewable electricity hit a record high last year. JOSEPH DUTTON reports

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Inspiring hope for an effective climate campaign

Tim Root
| 20th July 2018
The long summer drought in the UK gives as a glimpse of what climate change could deliver. Yet the country seems utterly distracted by Brexit. And people have little faith in the UK government or the European Union to deliver on the Paris Accord. Perhaps it's time we took matters into our own hands, argues TIM ROOT

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Gabriel Umana

Costa Rica pioneers low-carbon coffee

Nina Pullman
| 19th July 2018
Costa Rica’s ‘world-first’ Nama Café project has transformed coffee into a low-carbon industry and could serve as a blueprint for other agriculture sectors, writes NINA PULLMAN

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President Trump’s fake news about climate change

Bob Ward
| 17th July 2018
President Donald J Trump has exceeded even his own incredible record for dumfounding his critics with a litany of falsehoods and prejudice during his trip to the UK and meeting with Vladimir Putin. Amid the white noise its easy for us to get distracted from his climate denial. BOB WARD sends a warning signal

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