climate change

The hidden climate change impacts of the tourism industry

Marina Kelava
| 22nd May 2018
The carbon footprint of tourism is four times higher than previously thought according to new research. Travellers from and to the US produce the most greenhouse gasses. The findings also cast serious doubt on attempts to revive small economies by introducing more tourism. MARINA KELAVA reports

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Lily Hunter Green's piano-beehive, pictured in a sunny field

Creative climate: towards an ecological theatre

Marianne Brooker
| 16th May 2018
What does it mean to create art in the context of climate crisis? How do we create sustainable, engaging, and critical performance acts and spaces? Birkbeck’s Centre for Contemporary Theatre hosted a one-day symposium to explore the connections between theatre and ecology, reports MARIANNE BROOKER

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Pont Valley Protest Camp evicted by police

Two arrested at coal protest site eviction

Catherine Early
| 20th April 2018
Police have arrested two activists taking part in a protest against an open cast coal mine in County Durham. Campaigners claim the eviction could collapse tunnels and injure protesters inside. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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Submerged cars

Climate apathy could mean disaster – but it isn’t inevitable

Leo Barasi
| 18th April 2018
Public support for policies designed to reduce carbon emissions and prevent catastrophic climate change is vital. Yet people are naturally resistant when such policies mean sacrificing holidays and rewards they have earned through hard work. LEO BARASI argues there is a solution to this world-defining paradox

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Acupuncture model

An acupuncture treatment for climate change?

Spring Cheng
| 9th April 2018
Acupuncture? An ancient Chinese healing practice where a doctor pokes hair-thin needles into odd places they call “points” on a patient’s body? What does acupuncture have to do with climate change? SPRING CHENG argues the practice holds powerful lessons for how we interact with our natural environment

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Dead fish in sand

Can ‘green growth’ really avert global ecological collapse?

Martin Kirk
| 5th April 2018
The pursuit of economic growth is causing irreparable ecological damage - threatening to undermine human civilisation itself. But 'green growth' is no panacea for the problems we now face. Abandoning Gross Domestic Product and growth as measures for success is the only way to avoid failure, argues MARTIN KIRK

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Eiffel tower

Why fighting climate change can give us reasons to be cheerful

Louise Gray
| 5th April 2018
Climate change brings with it existential concern. But the actions we take to prevent runaway climate change can have extraordinary benefits for our economy, our health, our wellbeing and our relationship with the natural environment. It is these positive messages that can persuade people to act now, argues LOUISE GRAY

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Land degradation now at a critical level warn experts

Catherine Harte
| 26th March 2018
Less than a quarter of the Earth’s land surface has escaped the impact of human activity - and by 2050 experts estimate this will fall below 10 percent. The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) today warns land degradation will negatively impact two thirds of humanity and is the biggest contributor to species extinction. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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