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An example of decentralised solar project installed in Morocco

The importance of decentralised solar energy

Lina Yassin & Arthur Wyns
| 19th October 2017
The implementation of solar cookers across Moroccan communities is proving to be a great example of how decentralisation of renewable energy is contributing to the energy independence of a country by LINA YASSIN & ARTHUR WYNS

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ExxonMobil has piped millions to climate deniers but also funds legitimate scientific research.

I was an Exxon-funded climate scientist

Katharine Hayhoe
| 6th September 2017
ExxonMobil has been funding high quality science while also funding and supporting climate denial. So should scientists continue to accept money from oil companies and other vested interests? KATHARINE HAYHOE, a climate science professor, discusses her own early ExxonMobil funding and the ethical issues it raises

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Ecologist Special Report: The Al Hima Revival

Curtis Abraham
| 22nd August 2017
Throughout history, Islam has contributed innovative ideas that have helped advance world civilization. The al Hima initiative in Jordan is one such example. This ancient practice is currently being revived as a land management (natural resource management) strategy in pastoralist areas of the Middle East and North Africa and is being seen as a bulwark against climate change, desertification and drought. CURTIS ABRAHAM reports

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Dealing with climate migration: 'what matters are our actions'

Arthur Wyns
| 21st August 2017
Human induced climate change will have many effects on people’s homes, livelihoods and current way of living. But what happens with the millions that will be displaced? ARTHUR WYNS takes a look at Bangladesh, a low-lying country of delta’s marshes and Sundarbans that is at the forefront of dealing with climate migration.

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Climate change drives Indian farmer suicides says new study

G.B.S.N.P Varma
| 7th August 2017
There is no more heartbreaking indicator of human hardship than suicide says the author of a new report that shows the devastating impact of Global Warming on struggling Indian farmers, thousands of whom have taken their own lives over the last 30 years. G.B.S.N.P VARMA reports

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