Climate Justice

young smiling climate activist woman giving a folder to older smiling lady on a bicycle

Keeping the gas under the grass in Groningen

Nick Meynen
| 28th August 2018
Gas-related earthquakes stirred Groningers into action a long time ago, but they are now joined by over 700 activists from all over Europe, who put their bodies before a crucial gate for tankers right now. NICK MEYNEN reports

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There's no tree-huggers here: Why the ‘systems' approach to climate action is preventing change...

Katie Arthur
| 15th August 2016
Half a year or so on from the historic signing of the Paris Agreement at the COP21, the smiling promises and diplomatic handshakes have not only left the mainstream media but left us still waiting for the shift to a greener world. NEW VOICES contributor, KATIE ARTHUR looks at whether we can ever expect systems to change without transformed attitudes to lead the way...

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