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Dan Box Blog - The Carteret Islanders

Dan Box
| 26th February 2009
Something is starting to bother me about this trip. It’s not the travelling (though when I picked up my flight tickets yesterday, the travel agent warned me that people in Papua New Guinea still wear bones through their noses. I promised to keep an eye out).

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Goodbye to growth

Richard Heinberg
| 7th January 2009
The contraction of the global economic system bodes nothing but good for global ecosystems. Growth is dead – long live sustainability

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Drought in the Australian interior

Dan Box
| 16th December 2008
As the worst drought in 100 years makes its effects felt in the southern hemisphere, Dan Box asks whether the Australian interior is becoming a terra nullius – a genuine no-man’s-land

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Acclimatising to change

Phil Moore
| 24th July 2008
The world at last seems to be waking up to climate change. But are government initiatives being driven by an awareness of environmental priorities or by other means? Phil Moore reports

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Enjoying the collapse so far?

Richard Heinberg
| 19th June 2008
Take relentless population growth. Add decades of expanding per capita resource consumption. Simmer slowly over rising global temperatures. What do you get? Traumatic information. That is, information that wounds us through the very act of obtaining it.

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EU promises 'a new industrial revolution'

Mark Anslow
| 15th January 2007
The European Commission has set out plans to keep global temperatures from increasing more than 2 degrees. The authors said that limiting global warming to 2ºC is both technically feasible and economically affordable if the international community acts swiftly.

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The Stern Review: Editors Comment

Jon Hughes
| 1st December 2006
Sir Nicholas Stern was asked to find out what way of averting climate change was economically feasible. A loaded question that has allowed him to find a perverse solution to a fatal problem.

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