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Somalia used as toxic dumping ground

Chris Milton
| 1st March 2009
Pirates ruled Somalia’s waves last year, but a greater crime is still being perpetrated by the multinational companies using the mainland as a toxic dumping ground. Chris Milton reports

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Man's Industrial Progress

Phil Moore
| 25th September 2008
One of Canada’s most well known photographers, Edward Burtynsky, has travelled the world documenting the link between nature and industry through his large-format photos of nature transformed through industry; the ‘manufactured landscapes’ of mines, dams, and factories.

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Tata and the turtles

Ashish Fernandes
| 24th April 2008
Tata is not limiting itself to dominance of the mainland. Ashish Fernandes reports on the sea turtles falling foul of the corporation in waters off the Indian subcontinent

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Spinning Wheels

Dan McDougall
| 13th March 2008
‘This is the Indian dream!’ shouts Mohit, clutching a tattered plastic bag as he joins the impatient throng gathering at Hall A of the Auto Expo in New Delhi. Around us more than 100,000 Indians are aggressively jostling for space and a precious glimpse of the £1,200 Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car. It is a vehicle that, put simply, costs less than the optional DVD player on the new Lexus LX470 SUV.

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Ecologist June 2007

Silenced witness

Jon Hughes
| 30th November 2007
Following last month's exclusive Ecologist investigation, Burying the truth, the Douglas Gowan story continues...

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Green Construction or Pyramids of Waste

28th February 2007
36 of the UK's leading construction companies, including British Land, Land Lease, HBOS and Barratt Homes, have launched a UK Green Building Council that will aim for "zero carbon, zero water and zero waste", according to its chairman Peter Rogers.

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Carbon Trading Scam Exposed

18th January 2007
Collusion between UK carbon trading firms and Chinese factories is allowing them to make big profits without any significant reduction in carbon emissions.

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The Stern Review: Editors Comment

Jon Hughes
| 1st December 2006
Sir Nicholas Stern was asked to find out what way of averting climate change was economically feasible. A loaded question that has allowed him to find a perverse solution to a fatal problem.

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