Composting under fire

Anne Barr
| 28th March 2009
Next time you grumble that it's too much effort to seperate you plastic from your cans, imagine doing it as the bullets are flying over head

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Such a waste

16th March 2007
One third of the contents of an average British fridge ends up in landfill, a new report from the government's waste and recycling body, Wrap (The Waste and Resources Action Programme), is expected to reveal.

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Urban Composting

The Ecologist
| 1st February 2005
Imagine you could turn 30 per cent of your household waste, at no cost, into high-quality compost for your plants, while also reducing toxic emissions from incinerator plants...

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Global Worming

Janis Crawford
| 1st April 2003
Why do we dispose of organic waste in landfill sites? Shouldn’t we – individuals, councils and businesses – all be using worms to compost it? By Janis Crawford.

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