The Secret Life of Stuff

Ruth Styles
| 20th January 2011
Clear and well written, Julie Hill's opus sheds light on the issues of waste and consumption but provides solutions that are too simplistic to be of real use, argues Ruth Styles

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The end of consumerism

Jules Peck
| 16th April 2009
Last month my friend Satish Kumar said in Sustained magazine that the happiest people are those who live close to the land and use their hands – craftspeople and farmers. As a naturalist, keen gardener and soon-to-be vegetable-plot devotee, this resonates with me.

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Grossly Distorting Perception

Jonathan Rowe
| 1st February 2003
Measure for measure, GDP is the world’s hidden accounting scandal, the one that neither governments nor media will touch. Jonathan Rowe asks why we worship such a false idol

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