eco beauty heroes

Eco beauty heroes 2011

Ruth Styles
| 29th November 2011
From the brands making strides towards reducing packaging to the nail polishes made without toxins, Green Living Editor Ruth Styles salutes the beauty brands who have gone further for the planet this year

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Green business: Lush

Eifion Rees
| 17th November 2010
Cosmetics company Lush is a zero-packaging pioneer on the high street. In the first of our new 'Green business' series, founder Mark Constantine discusses gourmet consumerism, dream factories and why his ethical creation is a work in progress

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The Story of Stuff: Cosmetics

Matilda Lee
| 27th October 2010
Annie Leonard is back with another installment of the Story of Stuff - this time taking an in-depth look at the cosmetics industry and how we are dying to be beautiful

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Profitable Pollutants

The Ecologist
| 15th May 2008
It usually takes a major public health crisis to remove profitable toxins completely from marketplace. In the meantime most of us continue to be exposed to a variety of profitable poisons, including:

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Read the label: Preservatives

Pat Thomas
| 1st May 2008
You don¡¯t have to choose between looking good and being healthy. In our regular look at cosmetic ingredients, Pat Thomas gives you the information you need to identify safer cosmetic and bodycare products.

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Read the label: Detergents

Pat Thomas
| 7th February 2008
No one should have to choose between looking good and being healthy, which is why each month we will be taking a critical look at the active ingredients in personal care products and asking why manufacturers continue to choose toxic ones over safer alternatives.

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