Goodbye to growth

Richard Heinberg
| 7th January 2009
The contraction of the global economic system bodes nothing but good for global ecosystems. Growth is dead – long live sustainability

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What the flux?

Joss Garmen
| 16th December 2008
History will remember 2008 for its ‘crisis of capitalism’. The crash on Wall Street was the game-changer in the US election race, and it could soon be remembered as the gamechanger on climate change, too.

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Food and energy: a clash of giants

Maryann Bird
| 18th October 2007
Two critical markets are pursuing a stressed planet’s renewable resources, presenting policymakers with complex and difficult choices. The Worldwatch Institute’s latest look at Earth’s “vital signs” sees dangerous times ahead as the “sustainability crisis” unfolds. China Dialogue's Maryann Bird investigates

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