Anti-Trump protesters

Swiss protestors denounce Trump visit to Davos

Nick Breeze
| 24th January 2018
A demonstration in Zurich, organised in less than a week, has attracted thousands of people from all walks of life, outraged by Donald Trump’s policies and telling the US President to stay away, NICK BREEZE reports

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Montage of mostly men speaking at Davos

Four reasons why Davos is far from being our global economic saviour

Katie Hodgetts
| 23rd January 2018
The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in a luxury Swiss Ski Resort in Davos is underway. A great meeting of minds and money will discuss the 2018 agenda of ‘creating a shared future in a fractured world’. But is there a more ominous agenda: the protection of the powerful and the wealthy? KATIE HODGETTS investigates

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