A huge beef farm

Revealed: industrial-scale beef farming comes to the UK

Andrew Wasley
Heather Kroeker
| 29th May 2018
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism report published today reveals industrial scale beef farming is now a 'fact on the ground' across the UK. The new farms raise concerns about animal welfare and health. ANDREW WASLEY and HEATHER KROEKER from the Bureau report

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A quiet revolution in how farmers see their products

Peter Melchett
| 15th May 2018
The government’s consultation on future farming policy in England ended last week. Many see it as a unique opportunity to make some positive changes - not least in the provision of information about differences in quality and production systems, says PETER MELCHETT of the Soil Association

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Michael Gove announces 'tough' new ban on ivory trade

Catherine Harte
| 3rd April 2018
The number of elephants has declined by almost a third in the last decade - and as many as 55 African elephants a day are killed for their ivory. Now the UK government is getting tough on poaching by banning the sale of ivory. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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Badgers By Numbers

Lesley Docksey
| 18th October 2013
In her third and final analysis of the ongoing UK badger cull Lesley Docksey examines the official figures and finds their validity questionable......

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