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Defending democracy in Brazil means demanding Lula da Silva’s freedom

Lucia Ortiz
| 31st May 2018
Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva - Brazil’s former president - has been imprisoned for corruption. International legal experts have condemned Lula’s incarceration as unlawful and unconstitutional. LUCIA ORTIZ from Friends of the Earth Brazil argues the corruption claims are trumped up as part of a right wing attack on human rights and grassroots movements

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Green light for fracking - reasons to be cheerful?

Mark Robinson
| 21st May 2018
The brand new UK Energy policy launched late last week has explicitly resurrected fracking with planned financial and political support. Though shale gas is as controversial as it is corrosive, Greg Clark stated that its development is of ‘national importance’. MARK ROBINSON responds…

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Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England & Wales, on a 'Stand up to UKIP' march in Doncaster, 27th September 2014. Photo: Steve Eason via Flickr.

Election debates: only the Greens offer a genuine alternative

Peter Bloom
| 31st October 2014
UK broadcasters' plan to exclude the Green Party from the 2015 pre-election debates is an affront to democracy, writes Peter Bloom. Its voice must be heard - not only do the Greens enjoy a firm, nationwide base of political support, but they offer the only alternative to the neoliberalism, austerity and immigrant-bashing on offer from the 'mainstream' parties.

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Donnachadh McCarthy shortly before his arrest on Parliament Square at an Occupy Democarcy rally on 22nd October 2014. Photo: from the mobile phone of Donnachadh McCarthy.

OccupyDemocracy suppressed - is Cameron any better than Putin?

Julian Sayarer
| 23rd October 2014
Donnachadh McCarthy, The Ecologist's correspondent at Occupy Democracy was arrested yesterday when police cleared Parliament Square of protesters. The brutal repression of peaceful protest puts Britain in the same moral camp as China, Russia and others whose human rights record we publicly despise, writes Julian Sayarer.

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Occupy Democracy - the Day 2 kettle of the Head of Boris Johnson's Wardens, selecting who to get the police to arrest. Photo: Donnachadh McCarthy.

London's 'Tarpaulin Revolution' lives another day

Donnachadh McCarthy
| 20th October 2014
Last night the police were in full force in London's Parliament Square, writes Donnachadh McCarthy - forcibly removing Occupy Democracy protestors and snatching sleeping bags, cardboard and tarpaulins as illegal 'sleeping equipment', apparently on direct orders from the Mayor, Boris Johnson. Yet the rally keeps on growing ....

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The Real Power in Politics

Donnachadh McCarthy
| 7th March 2014
Environmental campaigner and former politician Donnachadh McCarthy on the power of political lobbyists and the damage they do to democracy.

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Economic Democracy

Jack Santa Barbara
| 10th January 2014
The Trouble with Billionaires: How the Super-Rich Hijacked the World (and How We Can Take It Back) exposes the damage done by extreme wealth to our democracy, our economy and our social stability.

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Grass-Roots Democracy

Aidan Rankin
| 19th February 2009
A new Ecology Party would work for a change in values, a paradigm shift in which human beings learn to work with the grain of the natural world, instead of against it.

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Sustaining communities

Phil Moore
| 1st October 2008
With the global credit crunch grabbing all the headlines, issues concerning economies on a lesser scale are easily sidelined.

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Bolgs and Comments


John Papworth
| 1st February 2007
Don’t wait for Dave or Tony to give you a hug. If you are dissatisfied with your leaders, take control of your own

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