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young smiling climate activist woman giving a folder to older smiling lady on a bicycle

Keeping the gas under the grass in Groningen

Nick Meynen
| 28th August 2018
Gas-related earthquakes stirred Groningers into action a long time ago, but they are now joined by over 700 activists from all over Europe, who put their bodies before a crucial gate for tankers right now. NICK MEYNEN reports

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Pont Valley Protest Camp evicted by police

Two arrested at coal protest site eviction

Catherine Early
| 20th April 2018
Police have arrested two activists taking part in a protest against an open cast coal mine in County Durham. Campaigners claim the eviction could collapse tunnels and injure protesters inside. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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Marie Mason. Photo:

The Ecoterrorist and me

David Rovics
| 10th December 2013
Marie Mason is five years into a 22-year sentence for participating in non-violent - but highly destructive - actions with the Earth Liberation Front. David Rovics met with her at the Carswell Federal Women's Prison in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Village anti-fracking protest. Photo: Jim Wickens / EFU.

Transylvania revolts: Farmers against fracking

Jim Wickens
| 27th November 2013
The unspoilt pastoral landscape of Transylvania is the latest battlefield in the war against aggressive fossil energy extraction. Jim Wickens reports on the farming communities fighting back against multinational energy companies.

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Climate change protest

Where next for eco-activism in the UK?

Bibi van der Zee
| 6th July 2011
After the failure of the Copenhagen climate talks, the undercover police scandal, the disbanding of Climate Camp - and the sudden rise of UK Uncut - Bibi van der Zee takes the temperature of Britain's green activism movement

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Carry On Climate Camp

Ian Duff
| 14th August 2008
Campaigns officer for WWF UK, Ian Duff, reflects on his participation in this year's Climate Camp and the relevance of civil disobedience in today's climate change campaign

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