Donald Trump

Donald Trump being Donald Trump

Trump's attempt to repeal Obama-era conservation efforts

Emily Folk
| 29th June 2018
President Donald Trump has worked relentlessly to undo environmental and conservation policies from the Obama Administration. Trump will travel to the UK next month, with a mass demonstration planned to meet him. Environmentalists have plenty of reasons to attend. EMILY FOLK provides a run down

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Anti-Trump protesters

Swiss protestors denounce Trump visit to Davos

Nick Breeze
| 24th January 2018
A demonstration in Zurich, organised in less than a week, has attracted thousands of people from all walks of life, outraged by Donald Trump’s policies and telling the US President to stay away, NICK BREEZE reports

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Man taking Al Gore's photograph

Why Al Gore fears Donald Trump - but remains optimistic for America

Brendan Montague
| 11th December 2017
Film directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk spent months with Al Gore observing his climate advocacy behind the scenes and at close hand. BRENDAN MONTAGUE asks about Gore, Trump, the impact of watching the melting glaciers and meeting many of the millions of activists worldwide determined to make a difference.

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