WITNESS: Colombia's indigenous Wayuu suffer the effects of climate change, drought and rising food prices

Laura Dixon - La Guajira
| 17th October 2016
La Guajira, a dusty but spartanly beautiful region in Colombia's desert north is in the grips of a crisis. Climate change, desertification and water shortages have combined to create a perfect storm for the local rural community: a drought so severe some places did not feel a drop of rain for three years writes LAURA DIXON

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Drought in the Australian interior

Dan Box
| 16th December 2008
As the worst drought in 100 years makes its effects felt in the southern hemisphere, Dan Box asks whether the Australian interior is becoming a terra nullius – a genuine no-man’s-land

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Desert grain

Prof Jack Heinemann
| 1st November 2008
Can food crops really be engineered to thrive - and to yield more - under drought conditions? After 25 years we're still waiting for the flood of evidence, says Prof Jack Heinemann

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Harvesting rain

Michael Kenneth Cowan
| 1st June 2008
Can traditional water-harvesting systems teach us how to solve contemporary water problems? Michael Kenneth Cowan says we have a lot to learn from the ancient and troubled ecology of the Middle East

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Water, water, nowhere...

Maggie King
| 22nd March 2007
March 22nd in World Water Day, an UN initiative to draw attention to the dreadful conditions in which many millions of the world's citizens draw their water. Maggie King reports

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