Revealed: scandal of Roma people forced to scavenge toxic e-waste

Carolyn Lebel
| 12th October 2010
In the wake of President Sarkozy's crackdown on the Roma people, an Ecologist investigation uncovers how poverty and discrimination are forcing persecuted communities to scratch a living recycling France's growing mountain of e-waste - potentially threatening health and raising questions over the effectiveness of waste policies

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The dangers of e-waste

Dr Keith Baker
| 4th June 2009
In February 2009 the Environment Agency began its first prosecution against an individual for an e-waste crime, and claims to have prevented 33 shipments in the previous six months.

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Manufactured Landscapes

Laura Sevier
| 1st May 2008
Ever wondered where computers go when they die? Or what the endless expanse of a Chinese factory floor actually looks like? This film is a meditation on the consumer world

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