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Shades of gray: America's wolf dilemma

Jim Wickens
| 11th March 2013
Reviled by ranchers and fawned over by conservationists, the Gray wolf is highly controversial in the US. Jim Wickens travels to Montana and Wyoming to unravel the complex arguments surrounding plans to cull the animals

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Labour abuses in the shrimp industry

The slavery behind our seafood

Jim Wickens
| 20th September 2012
Burmese migrants working onboard Thai fishing boats suffer brutal exploitation. And the boats involved supply so-called 'trash fish' for use in feed given to farmed prawns exported globally. The Ecologist Film Unit's Jim Wickens reports

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Fishy business

Andrew Wasley
Jim Wickens
| 1st December 2008
The coastal towns and villages of Peru are being blighted by an industry that has sprung up to satisfy the West’s voracious appetite for fish – now marine life, human health and whole ecosystems are paying the price. The Ecologist Film Unit investigates

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