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jade gemstone

Jade is anything but green

Nick Meynen
| 3rd December 2018
Ancient Asian art gave jade gemstones a cult status. But today, nothing in the extraction of jade is even remotely morally correct or justifiable.

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Berta Caceres was murdered in her struggle for environmental justice

How the environmental justice movement transforms our world

| 5th June 2018
Today is World Environment Day. Environmental conflicts should not be seen as disruptions to smooth governance, fixable with market solutions, technology or police bullets. People are expressing grievances, aspirations and political demands. They should not be repressed. They lead us to a better world for all, argue a team of academics working together as ENVJUSTICE.

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Cases of environmental conflicts covered as displayed using the EJATLAs filter tool (see ejatlas.org)

Environmental conflicts can turn into solutions

Leah Temper
Federico Demaria
Arnim Scheidel
Daniela Del Bene
Joan Martinez Alier
| 15th May 2018
A team of researchers is tracking and trying to understand what they call the most influential movement of our time: environmentalism. They give the state of play on a global conflict that is playing out at the local level in a special feature called The EJAtlas: Ecological Distribution Conflicts as Forces for Sustainability. By LEAH TEMPER, FEDERICO DEMARIA, ARNIM SCHEIDEL, DANIELA DEL BENE and JOAN MARTINEZ-ALIER

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How systems theory can help us reflect on the world

Robert Biel
| 6th March 2018
The Ecologist was an early adopter of systems theory after its launch in 1971. The way of thinking has come to influence a range of disciplines, from ecology to change management. In the first in a series of articles on systems theory, Dr ROBERT BIEL argues that its application can be effective in healing the rift between society and nature

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International Women's Day: Voices from Friends of the Earth's women environmental activists around the world

Friends of the Earth International
| 8th March 2017

Today - International Women's Day of Struggle - we share the voices and experiences of Friends of the Earth women and transgender environmental activists. The national and regional contexts described by these activists are diverse. But the challenges they face are a common expression of the linked oppressions based on class, gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, disability and other power relations.

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To end ecocide we must end femicide

Camila Rolando Mazzuca
Brototi Roy
| 3rd March 2017
March 8 is World Women Day, but today (March 3) there's another good reason to reflect on the role of women in society, write CAMILLA ROLANDO MAZZUCA & BROTOTI ROY. On this day last year the awarded environmental activist Berta Caceres was killed

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India's coal war heats up

Nick Meynen
| 13th October 2016
There are 48 mapped struggles against the fossil fuel industry in India And whilst families run from justice for trying to protect their lands, it's the coal mining companies and police chiefs that should be brought to justice writes NICK MEYNEN

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Why the degrowth debate is gaining momentum

Nick Meynen
| 2nd September 2016
Reporting from The 5th International Degrowth Conference in Budapest - which continues today and tomorrow - NICK MEYNEN explores the new narrative of ‘sufficiency' being discussed and and asks will it catch on before it's too late?

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Degrowth and the Global Movement for Environmental Justice

| 22nd August 2016
With the 5th International Degrowth Conference taking place next week Spanish Ecologists Professor Joan Martinez Alier and Federico Demaria - both working at the Environmental Science and Technology Institute (ICTA) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) - explain why we need a 'less is more' alternative economic model and how the burgeoning Global Environmental Justice movement is a key concept in achieving the only goal that will halt Climate Change.

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Sunset over rolling hills

Environmental Justice

Jason Lowther
| 14th August 2012
Studies have shown that while there is a greater awareness of the seriousness of environmental damage in society, this shift is not obvious in environmental sentencing. Jason Lowther reports

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The world's first environmental refugees

Dan McDougall
| 30th January 2009
The disappearance of Lohachara beneath the waters of the Bay of Bengal created the world’s first environmental refugees. Dan McDougall reports on other islanders in the Sundarbans delta who have no escape from the rising ocean. Photography by Robin Hammond

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