Berta Caceres was murdered in her struggle for environmental justice

How the environmental justice movement transforms our world

| 5th June 2018
Today is World Environment Day. Environmental conflicts should not be seen as disruptions to smooth governance, fixable with market solutions, technology or police bullets. People are expressing grievances, aspirations and political demands. They should not be repressed. They lead us to a better world for all, argue a team of academics working together as ENVJUSTICE.

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Cases of environmental conflicts covered as displayed using the EJATLAs filter tool (see ejatlas.org)

Environmental conflicts can turn into solutions

Leah Temper
Federico Demaria
Arnim Scheidel
Daniela Del Bene
Joan Martinez Alier
| 15th May 2018
A team of researchers is tracking and trying to understand what they call the most influential movement of our time: environmentalism. They give the state of play on a global conflict that is playing out at the local level in a special feature called The EJAtlas: Ecological Distribution Conflicts as Forces for Sustainability. By LEAH TEMPER, FEDERICO DEMARIA, ARNIM SCHEIDEL, DANIELA DEL BENE and JOAN MARTINEZ-ALIER

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