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Brexit bill will 'rip the heart out of environmental protections'

Keith Taylor MEP
| 11th June 2018
An amendment to the Withdrawal Bill will be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow aimed at addressing two glaring omissions from the proposed legislation - the precautionary and polluter pays principles. If MPs fail to vote for the change, the Bill will rip the heart out of the UK's environmental protections, warns Green MEP Keith Taylor

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Brexit and the corporate war on regulations designed to protect life itself

Professor John McMurtry
| 1st August 2017
Brexit is part of a corporate campaign to remove, undermine and attack European Union regulations and increase the rate of growth and profit. But these very regulations are necessary for the protection of the environment - and life itself. PROFESSOR JOHN McMURTRY, author of The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: from Crisis to Cure, raises the alarm.

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The European Constitution

The Ecologist
| 10th January 2009
Is the constitution inherently undemocratic, or will it make the EU more accountable to European voters? Is greater coordination at the European level essential for promoting environmental safeguards, or will it merely serve the interests of big business Marc Glendening and Richard Corbett discuss

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