Bridging the gap between the three major faiths and nature

Jake Lloyd
| 18th April 2018
As uncertainty shrouds our planet’s future. A resurgence of religious thought and action is underway. As part of our Voices for Nature series, JAKE LLOYD explores how three faith-based organisations are reimagining or rediscovering ways for earth’s four billion Jewish, Christian and Muslim people to repair their relationship with nature

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Change The System - Not The Climate

Asoka Bandarage
| 16th June 2016
Those most affected by climate change are those least responsible and the international policy frameworks in place to protect them don't work making it a moral issue. But we must believe that the larger goals of environmental sustainability and social justice can be achieved - if we just work together writes Asoka Bandarage

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Rowan Williams speaking at St Pauls.

How to change the world?

Sharon Garfinkel
| 28th November 2013
An inspirational series of talks has taken place this autumn at St Pauls Cathedral in London. Sharon Garfinkel will be back for more when the next series begins in 2014.

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