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Competition Commission - what is it good for?

12th April 2007
Unless the Competition Commission fails to act to curb the power of supermarket chain Tesco, 'people will be justified in questioning exactly what the Commission is for', says Andrew Simms, Director of the think-tank the New Economics Foundation (NEF).

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Full of Beans

John Atkin
| 1st March 2005
According to a Mori poll in March 2004, the fairtrade mark is now recognised by 39 per cent of the British public, up from 11 per cent five years ago. But what difference does fairtrade actually make to the lives of the producers? John Atkin looks at the Nicaraguan community of La Pita who sell half of their coffee on the fairtrade market

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Muck and magic

Robin Maynard
| 1st September 2004
The mainstream farming media dismiss biodynamics as a fad affordable only by the wealthy – so why are big arable farmers sowing seeds under full moons?

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Beware the buyer

Joanna Blythman
| 1st September 2004
Supermarkets are keen to portray themselves as loyal and supportive business partners, nurturing suppliers in their quest for the best deal for consumers.

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