Fast Food

McD's 'greenwash won’t hide animal suffering'

Pru Elliott
| 14th September 2018
McDonald's now claims to be a champion of animal welfare. But the food chain continues to rely on super fast growing chickens - which even in the best cases live miserable lives. PRU ELLIOTT calls for a change of policy from the multinational

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Behind the Brand: McDonald’s

Peter Salisbury
| 16th June 2011
In the first of a major new series following on from the ground breaking Behind the Label, Peter Salisbury takes a look at one of the biggest brands in the world – McDonald’s – and asks: has the burger giant done enough to clean-up its act?

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Junk food...Italy?

20th February 2007
Italy, long seen as the healthy man of Europe, is beginning to suffer the effects of fast- and junk-food, the Guardian reports.

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BLT Sandwich: The Big Lifestyle Trade Off

Jon Hughes
Pat Thomas
| 22nd September 2006
Is it worse than Mc Donalds? The BLT sandwich is an icon, the ultimate symbol of convenience culture. Tesco alone sells 5 million a year. This is what the £1.80 you pay for your BLT buys...

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Humanity's worst invention: Agriculture

Clive Dennis
| 22nd September 2006
By radically changing the way we acquire our food, the development of agriculture has condemned us to live worse than ever before. Not only that, agriculture has led to the first significant instances of large-scale war, inequality, poverty, crime, famine and human induced climate change and mass extinction.
By Clive W. Dennis (winner of the Ecologist/Coady International Institute 2006 Essay Competition)

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We Are All Addicts

Edward Goldsmith
| 1st September 2006
A 1971 editorial from the ecologist founding editor Edward Goldsmith on how our society is becoming ever more addicted to gimmicks intended to ensure our survival in ever less favourable conditions

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Roadkill Chef

Paul Kingsnorth
| 1st June 2006
‘OK then,’ I say to Fergus, with a challenge in my voice, ‘what about badger?’ ‘Badger?’ says Fergus, his eyes on the road as he drives me into the Kent countryside. ‘Many times. There’s no rhyme or reason to badger. Sometimes it tastes really gamey and uriney, even if it’s fresh. It can be excellent though.’ I look at him as he drives. He’s definitely serious.

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Advertising to children

1st April 2004
With childhood obesity becoming epidemic in the UK, should food advertising to children be allowed to continue?

FOR: Jeremy Preston vs. Neville Rigby AGAINST

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Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser
| 1st April 2004
In February a report by George W Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) suggested that fast food workers might in the future be classified as manufacturing workers. A CEA report asked: ‘When a fast-food restaurant sells a hamburger, for example, is it providing a “service”, or is it combining inputs to “manufacture’ a product?’

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Killa Cola

Keith Hyams
| 1st April 2004
I’m sitting opposite the large Coca-Cola bottling plant next to the village of Plachimada in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Plachimada is a farming village of about 800 families, many of them tribal. The ugly factory looks rather out of place in such a beautiful setting, the Western Ghats mountains clearly visible in the distance.

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Slow Food

The Ecologist
| 1st April 2003
Next time you find yourself ‘grabbing a bite to eat’… STOP.
Fast food blights our lives and the environment. It’s time to slow down.

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