Fishing Crisis


Fishy business

Andrew Wasley
Jim Wickens
| 1st December 2008
The coastal towns and villages of Peru are being blighted by an industry that has sprung up to satisfy the West’s voracious appetite for fish – now marine life, human health and whole ecosystems are paying the price. The Ecologist Film Unit investigates

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Daisy Dumas
| 7th February 2008
Plastic rubbish gets tossed away in far-off places that we rarely get to see. Daisy Dumas assesses its impact on the world's largest floating landfill.

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EU Limits Tuna Fishing

1st March 2007
The preservation of dwindling tuna fish stocks is set to receive a boost as the EU prepares to introduce cuts in the allowed size of catches, web-based environmental news service ENN reports.

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Pirate politics

Kate Eshelby
| 1st February 2007
Overfishing along West Africa’s coast is endangering fish stocks and livelihoods, but local fishermen are not to blame.

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After the Gold Rush

Charles Clover
| 1st December 2004
The biggest and most indiscriminate killers of wildlife on the planet, commercial fishing fleets have brought us to the edge of a maritime ecological disaster, with fish stocks facing extinction all around the world.

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Are you too well behaved

Diane Wilson
| 1st October 2004
The US authorities have allowed Formosa Plastics and other chemicals corporations to poison the waterways of the Texas Gulf Coast for decades. When local shrimp-boat operator Diane Wilson found out what was going on she single-handedly set about forcing Formosa to clean up its act.

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Who needs a traditional fishmonger?

Joanna Blythman
| 1st September 2004
Lying on tilted beds of glistening ice, fish from around the world gaze unblinkingly at bored supermarket shoppers. Red snappers, ‘air freighted for freshness’ from the Indian Ocean; Chilean seabass ‘previously frozen’ from the Southern Atlantic; Farmed salmon from the Isles of Scotland; exotic, seemingly abundant fresh fish.

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Bush ruling threatens US salmon’s survival

Chris Floyd
| 8th July 2004
In May the Bush administration struck another blow against the US’s crumbling environmental protections with a ruling that allows hatchery fish to be counted along with wild fish in determining the protection status of salmon in accordance with the US’s Endangered Species Act (ESA).

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High Seas Drifters

Ben Belton
| 8th July 2004
The reckless deep-sea gold rush that could turn the North American continental shelf into one giant factory-style fish farm

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Farmed Cod

Tom Hargreaves
| 1st September 2003
Already on sale in some British supermarkets, is farmed cod really the long-term solution to the problem of declining wild populations.
By Tom Hargreaves

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Davina Langdale
| 2nd June 2003
Bizarrely formed and practising one of nature’s most mysterious parenting methods, the seahorse is the victim of an international trade that kills 20 million of them every year. By Davina Langdale

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Atlantic Dawn

The Ecologist
| 1st April 2003
Dirty deals between the European Commission and Ireland have enabled the world’s biggest trawler to plunder African fish stocks.

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