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Michael Gove and his dog, Snowy

If politicians have any sense they will make animal sentience part of UK law

Helen Browning
| 4th December 2017
Britain is known as a nation of animal lovers. It is the birthplace of Watership Down, Peter Rabbit - and Animal Farm. But the meat, cosmetics and other animal dependent industries are also a large part of the British economy. Until now, EU regulations have improved animal welfare. As the country prepares for Brexit, HELEN BROWNING asks whether animal sentience will remain recognised by UK law.

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Lots of pigs on a farm

The hidden £120 billion costs from Britain's food

Emma Rose
| 22nd November 2017
A new report from the Sustainable Food Trust reveals that the £120 billion spent on food by UK consumers incur additional, hidden costs of a further £120 billion. The largest proportion of the hidden costs are from damaging impacts of intensive production methods and food-related healthcare, reports EMMA ROSE

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Badgers: the truth behind the cull

Dominic Dyer
| 12th August 2013
Of 5,500 badgers to be shot during the pilot culls, only 240 will be independently monitored for humaneness, it has emerged. And just 4 Natural England officials will oversee the killing in Gloucestershire and Somerset

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Elephants suffer as forestry habitat destroyed

The Ecologist
| 2nd July 2013
The Sumatran elephant, one of the smallest of the Asian elephants, is the most endangered elephant in the world. Currently there are between 2,400 and 2,800 left, making the species 'critically endangered', according to the charity Elephant Family.

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Modern British Vegetarian Cooking - Who Needs Meat?

Susan Clark
| 20th May 2013
It's the UK's National Vegetarian Week but what's on the veggie menu at your local bar, pub or bistro? If it's mushroom risotto - again - have a word with the chef because there's no excuse for those second-rate meals that should have been left behind in the 1970s. Susan Clark goes in search of Fine Dining for non-meat eaters

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US horsemeat trade

America's secret and brutal horsemeat trade

Andrew Wasley
| 18th March 2013
Few Americans are aware that their country's horses are being exported and slaughtered abroad - often in appalling conditions - to supply European taste for a meat that's shunned at home. Andrew Wasley reports

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