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What’s making our children sick?

Vincanne Adams
Michelle Perro
| 18th May 2018
Is modern industrial food making our children sick? Quite possibly, says paediatrician MICHELLE PERRO and medical anthropologist VINCANNE ADAMS. In their new book, What’s Making Our Children Sick? they claim there's a strong link between GMO food and failing health

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10 things you didn't know about bird flu

Dr Michael Greger
| 4th February 2009
A dose of flu in winter is as inevitable as a broken boiler – and usually as harmless. But as public health expert Dr Michael Greger explains, intensive farming of animals around the globe may mean we are hatching out an influenza timebomb

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Green Living_52.jpg

'This is big'

Joss Garman
| 1st November 2008
‘Britain’s astounding retreat from reason is now legitimising anarchy.’ That was the conclusion of the hotblooded screaming radical Melanie Phillips, writing for The Spectator.

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Grow your own

Tim Lang
| 1st April 2008
The World Bank’s 2008 World Development Report makes a grim prediction of what is to come:

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Whole Foods failure

Chris Milton
| 1st March 2008
Only a few years ago, stories about Whole Foods Market became famous for their poetic quality, as journalists waxed lyrical about how the fresh, organic fruit in their stores was proof that you could be a successful business while remaining environmentally friendly. Last year, however, sustained questioning by consumers and regulators alike saw the shine come off the company’s glossy image.

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Read the label: Detergents

Pat Thomas
| 7th February 2008
No one should have to choose between looking good and being healthy, which is why each month we will be taking a critical look at the active ingredients in personal care products and asking why manufacturers continue to choose toxic ones over safer alternatives.

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Box-scheme baby food

Matilda Lee
| 14th June 2007
Keen to have your little one avoid the over-processed, additive-packed diet of today’s obesity-prone youth? Then give your weaning baby healthy eating habits for life by starting them off with nutritious food easily made at home writes Matilda Lee

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