Food Security

Small is the New Big

Vandana Shiva
| 28th February 2014
Vandana Shiva reminds us that the very future of food security in India (and indeed worldwide) lies in protecting and promoting the country's small farmers.

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Farmers unite!

Ed Hamer
| 1st April 2009
The uniting of 800 million rural workers against the loss of their traditional way of life gives lie to globalisation’s claims to beneficence. Resistance is far from futile, says Ed Hamer

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The world's first environmental refugees

Dan McDougall
| 30th January 2009
The disappearance of Lohachara beneath the waters of the Bay of Bengal created the world’s first environmental refugees. Dan McDougall reports on other islanders in the Sundarbans delta who have no escape from the rising ocean. Photography by Robin Hammond

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Chickens, Globalisation and the Forest King

Joyce D'Silva
| 19th August 2008
Globally over 60 billion animals are farmed for food every year. The 2006 Report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, predicted that global meat consumption will more than double by 2050 (from 2001).

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All hands to the plough

Ed Hamer
| 7th August 2008
The community supports the farmer and the farmer supports the community. Why isn't everyone taking part in the latest agricultural revolution, wonders Ed Hamer

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The Forest King

Andrew Wasley
| 7th August 2008
It was bred to aid the rural poor, but one bird is also helping break industrialised farming’s stranglehold on India. Andrew Wasley meets the remarkable Giriraja

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Foresight without vision

Simon Fairlie
| 20th June 2008
Who decides how our land is put to use? With food security and energy crises on the horizon, the Government’s new think-tank needs to pull its socks up, says Simon Fairlie

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Grow your own

Tim Lang
| 1st April 2008
The World Bank’s 2008 World Development Report makes a grim prediction of what is to come:

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A steady-state economy

Herman Daly
| 1st April 2008
Economist Herman E Daly argues that our future depends on a new economic model, one that needs to be defined by the dynamic balance – the steady state – of the natural world upon which it depends.

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The commons: an antidote to globalisation

Jonathon Rowe
| 1st April 2008
The corporate market has become the institutional equivalent of a compulsive eater. It has a built-in hunger that cannot be filled, and it is hard to stop the damage within the framework of its own game.

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