How to be a good forager

Kate Blincoe
| 3rd August 2018
Gathering food from the wild is good for your mind and your taste buds, writes KATE BLINCOE, but always make sure you know what you're picking and you leave enough for other creatures

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Spiced Juniper Berry

Susan Clark
| 12th November 2013
As the nights draw in, Susan Clark settles in for winter with a store of mulling syrup that captures the distinctive, old-English taste of juniper berries.

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Cooking with Primroses II

Susan Clark
| 15th March 2013
There's nothing more satisfying than watching a curd slowly start to thicken says Susan Clark...except, perhaps, knowing that your key ingredient was growing in the hedgerow just a few hours earlier.

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weed salad

Wild about weeds

Jeff Holman
| 5th April 2011
An underrated source of vitamins; nettles, dandelions and chickweed are a nuisance on the lawn but great to eat. Jeff Holman takes another look

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