A sustainable future for frankincense and forests?

Katie Dancey-Downs
| 19th April 2018
Frankincense is harvested from Boswellia carterii trees and provides vital income for Somaliland. But over-harvesting is threatening the future of the crop. Now a new test is being developed so that responsible buyers can tell whether the frankincense they sources is from sustainable forest. KATIE DANCEY-DOWNS of The Lush Times reports

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Anti-logging protestors from Greenpeace Poland

Campaigners hail 'huge victory' for forest defenders

Catherine Early
| 17th April 2018
The European Union's top court ruled today that increased logging in Białowieża broke EU nature laws. The Polish government must now reverse decisions that allowed logging, or face fines of up to tens of millions of euros. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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Trees near the coast

Campaigners in Estonia warn of new threats to its unique forests

Ronan J O'Shea
| 22nd January 2018
The most recent environmental report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reveals that Estonia is using its unique forests intensively. Forestry exports have increased and now make up five percent of exports. Ronan O'Shea visited the forests to meet the campaigners fighting to protect this incredible resource

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Stressed? Slow your mind down in the forest

Catherine Early
| 5th January 2018
New years’ resolutions typically consist of promises to exercise more, sleep better and generally be more healthy and less stressed. As everyone returns to work this can be a real challenge. A practice originating in Japan and now being trialled by the RSPB and on Forestry Commission holidays could help you achieve all this and more. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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WITNESS - The La Gomera Forest Fires

James McEnaney
| 30th January 2017

Discussions around the effects of climate change tend to focus on the planet's polar extremes, expanding deserts or low-lying areas. La Gomera - a subtropical forest perched more than a thousand metres above the ocean - is also at risk. JAMES MCENANEY reports

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Morning Sun Beams on the Thomas Divide in North Carolina as seen from Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where the Appalachian Trail crosses US 441. Photo: John Britt via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA).

Fire, snow and mist: resilience and the way of the Smoky Mountains

Grant A. Mincy
| 13th December 2016
This summer, the Smoky Mountains burned, writes Grant A. Mincy. The aftermath is terrible to behold. But with the autumn rains and winter snow, life is returning, and a new cycle of regeneration is under way. Once again we witness the beating heart of the forest: water travels the vascular tissue of the trees and transpires over the valley and ridge. The wilderness is breathing.

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A guard admires a rainforest vista near Elephant Valley. Photo: William F. Laurance.

Cambodia's 'Elephant Valley' brings new hope to a last precious rainforest

William Laurance
| 24th October 2015
An initiative to re-home abused, over-worked domestic elephants is supporting the conservation of one of Cambodia's last and most species-rich rainforests, writes William Laurance. Growing ecotourism in the area, attracted by the elephants, is engaging indigenous communities in forest protection and helping to stave off the pressure from loggers and plantations.

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The JNF-sponsored Yatir Forest advances over a hill towards the Bedouin village of Atir. Photo: Amjad Iraqi / 972 Mag.

Israel's Forest of Yatir to expand over Bedouin village

Amjad Iraqi
972 Mag
The Ecologist
| 23rd June 2014
It should be good news, but it's not. Israel's largest man-made forest is set for enlargement, but at the expense of a village where a Bedouin community has lived since they were resettled there in 1956. Its sister village is to be demolished so a new Jewish town can be built on its ruins.

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Snow on Mountain Pinkberry (Leptecophylla) in the Tasmanian Wilderness. Photo: Tatters ❀ via Flickr.

UNESCO, protect Tasmanian wilderness

Jess Abrahams
| 18th June 2014
74,000 hectares of Tasmania's native forest wilderness will be opened up to industrial logging, writes Jess Abrahams - if Australia's government succeeds in removing its World Heritage status at a UNESCO meeting now under way in Doha.

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Davi Koponawa at home in the forest. Photo: Survival International.

Ours is a path of survival for the whole planet

Liam J Shaughnessy
| 17th June 2014
As the World Cup gets under way in Brazil, Yanomami shaman Davi Kopenawa told Liam J Shaughnessy about the very different world he inhabits, deep in the Amazon rainforest - a world of bright spirits, ancient knowledge, union with nature. And a world under threat.

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