Fossil Fuel Divestment

Greenpeace activists revamp the entry of the KBC bank building

Greenpeace declares victory as Belgian bank KBC ends its coal investments

Nick Meynen
| 4th May 2018
The entrance to the headquarters of KBC bank in Brussels was taken by environmental activists Thursday concerned about the financial and climatic risks of coal investments in the Czech Republic. Hours later, the bank surprised the activists by announcing an end to all new coal investments. NICK MEYNEN reports in the inaugural post for our ENVJUSTICE series

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Leading Catholic organisations divest from fossil fuels

Catherine Harte
| 25th April 2018
As an increasing number of leading international institutions are being called out for their investments in fossil fuels, a group of prominent Catholic organisations has become the latest to divest and are urging other church members to do the same, writes CATHERINE HARTE

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