global warming


Ruth Styles
| 3rd February 2011
Part travelogue, part lament for a threatened way of life, Ruth Styles says that Bruce Parry’s latest book, Arctic, shows us exactly what we stand to lose if global warming isn’t stopped - today

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Carteret Evacuation

The first climate evacuation: what have we learned?

Dan Box
| 28th July 2009
Earlier this year, journalist Dan Box won recognition from environmentalist George Monbiot for documenting the world's first climate change evacuation, of the Carteret islands in the South Pacific. Now, he returns to his experiences to ask if this is the first evacuation of many, how should we do it in future?

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Dan Box Blog - Paradise lost

Dan Box
| 14th May 2009
Dan Box reports from a community in its death throes, as the Carteret islanders pack up their homes and prepare to become the world’s first climate change refugees

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Dan Box Blog: Morning in Tinputz

Dan Box
| 29th April 2009
I slept in my clothes last night, on the bare wooden floor of one of the houses the first boatload of people to be evacuated from the Carteret Islands are building for their families. It was a jet-black night in the small clearing hacked out amid the jungle, the dark broken only by our two candles and the lights of Fireflies jigging in the trees.

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Possum or polar bear?

William Laurance
| 8th April 2009
With global warming putting pressure on animals and biodiversity in the tropics, is it time we had a new poster child for climate change, asks William Laurance

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Climate Camp comes to The City

Peter McDonnell
| 16th March 2009
'If you liked sub-prime, you'll love carbon trading!' Join the Camp for Climate Action on the 1st of April as they set up in the Square Mile to greet global leaders and remind them that climate change must remain on the agenda

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The future of energy is renewable

Jon Hughes
Mark Anslow
| 27th February 2009
The recent U-turn by of some of the UK's leading environmentalists - and one-time nuclear energy opponents - on the issue of nuclear energy, has caused vigourous debate in the media. Their reasoning is that we simply don't have the capacity to produce enough renewable energy to meet our needs. But as this comprehensive Ecologist report from 2007 shows the UK is really a renewable energy powerhouse.

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