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What is land for?

Natalie Bennett
| 10th January 2019
We need to overhaul what we grow, and how and where we grow it, if we are to make the most of our land and fight climate change.

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Why the UK Plastics Pact doesn't go far enough

Natalie Bennett
| 30th April 2018
More than 40 companies including Coca-Cola, Unilever and Tesco have pledged to eliminate single-use packaging items and to ensure 100 per cent of their plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable. But NATALIE BENNETT, former Green Party leader, argues this voluntary pact doesn't go far enough - a full scale ban is needed

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Why it's time for a European climate law

Molly Scott Cato
| 23rd April 2018
Climate laws are being adopted around the world. MOLLY SCOTT CATO and JAKOB DALUNDE, MEPs for the UK and Sweden, consider whether legally binding commitments can save us from a climate crisis and pave the way towards a net zero emissions planet

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Bee on red flower

Neonics, Brexit and beyond

Molly Scott Cato
| 26th January 2018
The expected ban on neonicotinoids to protect bees has rightly created a lot of buzz. But will Michael Gove as environment secretary ignore the chemicals industry lobby and retain regulations after Brexit? MOLLY SCOTT CATO, a Green party MEP, counsels vigilance

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The call for urgent climate action during COP23 in Bonn by activists and NGOs is supported by the science. Images via COP23Demo on Flickr.

A message for the planet: beware the urgency gap

Natalie Bennett
| 10th November 2017
The former co-leader of the Green party, NATALIE BENNETT is in Bonn where she tells of the story of two cities: the politicians on one side performing seemingly endless negotiations and the scientists and NGOs on the other calling for urgent action.

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Brexit is no oink-ment for live animal exports.

Will Brexit spell the end for live animal exports?

Keith Taylor MEP
| 12th September 2017
The Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day is planned for tomorrow. KEITH TAYLOR MEP examines whether Brexit and the withdrawal from the European Union will make it more likely that live animal exports will be stopped...

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We need a new story: the Greens can help write it

Elizabeth Wainwright
| 3rd April 2017
Reflecting on the take home messages from the weekend's UK Green Party conference ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT says she was listening to a party seeking out new spaces for us to come together - to create a new vision and make it reality

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Alternative Brexit? Could this be the change the Greens have been waiting for?

Victor Anderson
Rupert Read
| 31st March 2017
Many eco-minded Brits are rightly worried about the prospect of a ‘hard Brexit'. But what if another ‘alternative' Brexit that delivered a Greener economy were possible? VICTOR ANDERSON and RUPERT READ of Green House have just delivered a new report on Brexit and trade from an ecological perspective. Here, they share their key findings with the Ecologist...

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The 'Green Creates' exhibition invites Green 'artist' voices to shout about their concerns

Gary Cook
Arts Editor
| 8th October 2016
The Green Party's new 'Green Creates' exhibition runs from 19 to 24 October at Hoxton Arches, London showcasing the work of the likes of Ralph Steadman, Grayson Perry, Gavin Turk, Andy Goldsworthy, Lesley Hilling and Craig Jones. Their donated pieces on the theme of 'Green Voices' will be auctioned to raise funds for the party. GARY COOK takes a preview

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The power of redemptive anger

Jonathon Porritt
| 27th June 2016
People have been talking about some kind of 'progressive alliance' ever since the 2010 General Election, writes Jonathon Porritt. If ever there was a moment where such an alliance could start coming together, and start working out a game plan to transform our political prospects between now and 2020, this has to be it.

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Small is Beautiful but Big Matters Too

Molly Scott Cato
| 20th June 2016
The only revolution, if we leave Europe, would be an uprising against a raft of EU environmental and social legislation, under the guise of ‘reducing red tape'. This would leave workers, our important nature habitats and the health of our citizens in far worse shape than is currently the case within the EU warns Green MEP Molly Scott Cato

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