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'Diagonal Nature' - Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain. Photo: Pablo Fernández via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND).

The Rights of Nature must be recognised in law

Atus Mariqueo-Russell
Rupert Read
| 25th February 2016
Existing models of protecting nature are failing, write Atus Mariqueo-Russell & Rupert Read. They serve to regulate, rather than prevent the destruction of nature, and are now adopting the very 'market' approaches that are largely responsible for the problem. The answer is to give formal effect to the Rights of Nature.

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They do it with mirrors - the Tardis. Photo: Timothy Wells via

Re-nationalise our railways!

Rupert Read
| 3rd January 2014
The Green Party was demonstrating yesterday against above-inflation price-hikes imposed by fat-cat rail companies. Green transport spokesman Rupert Read joined the demos ... and somehow ended his day in the Tardis.

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Baroness Jones of Moulscoomb

Slog, robes and fake fur.

Jenny Jones
| 14th November 2013
Jenny Jones - now Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb - is the Green Party's first peer to be appointed. A week after her 'introduction' she shares her first impressions ...

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Caroline Lucas

Where next for the Greens?

Bibi van der Zee
| 28th May 2012
After some of the biggest breakthroughs in their history, the Green Party now faces a leadership election so what happens now? Are the Greens ready to take the next big leap forward, asks Bibi van der Zee

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A radical carbon tax reform

Dr Adrian Wrigley
| 2nd August 2008
Dr Adrian Wrigley lays out his ideas for a radical Carbon Tax and explains how replacing the Council Tax with a Land Value Tax could solve the current housing crisis...

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Time For a New Ecology Party

Aidan Rankin
| 1st February 2005
The zealous participation of European Greens in the campaign to thwart Rocco Buttiglione is indicative of the capture of green politics by an unreconstructed, unreformed and unelectable left

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