Poison Fire Interview

Phil Moore
| 11th September 2008
Filmmaker Lars Johansson talks to the Ecologist about the making of the film 'Poison Fire' and the curse of oil in the Niger Delta.

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Hell for leather

Jim Wickens
| 1st June 2008
Must-have handbags? shoes to die for? From cheap trinkets to luxury car interiors, Jim Wickens discovers the startling facts behind what we buy into when we buy leather goods.

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Manufactured Landscapes

Laura Sevier
| 1st May 2008
Ever wondered where computers go when they die? Or what the endless expanse of a Chinese factory floor actually looks like? This film is a meditation on the consumer world

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Dark Days for Low Energy Light Bulbs

7th January 2008
This month shops in the UK will begin to phase out traditional tungsten bulbs as part of a government plan to replace them completely by 2011 and save 5m tonnes of carbon emissions a year. However the current crop of low energy light bulbs are coming under criticism for causing skin complaints and migraines, releasing Mercury into the environment on disposal and not being as energy efficient as new LED equivalents.

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Ecologist June 2007

Silenced witness

Jon Hughes
| 30th November 2007
Following last month's exclusive Ecologist investigation, Burying the truth, the Douglas Gowan story continues...

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Black Sea

13th November 2007
Russia was facing up to a ten-year clean-up operation after a major oil spill in the Black Sea region.

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Burying The Truth

Jon Hughes
Pat Thomas
| 11th October 2007
What does Douglas Gowan know that everyone else wants to keep hidden? For 40 years the story of Brofiscin Quarry – now the most polluted place in the UK – has been suppressed...

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750,000 a year killed by Chinese pollution

3rd July 2007
In a damning cover up the Chinese government has used its involvement in a World Bank report on the environment to conceal results that show around three quarters of a million people in the country die prematurely each year due to pollution.

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