industrial farming


Drizzle with care

Laura Sevier
| 7th August 2008
With vast areas decimated by industrial farming, the salad days are over for mass-produced olive oil. Laura Sevier looks at the effect its rise in popularity has had on the European landscape, and at some more sustainable brands.

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Debate, What Debate?

Andy Rowell
| 1st July 2003
The GM public debate, which runs throughout June and July, is the public’s chance to express any concerns it may have over the growing of GM crops in Britain. Andy Rowell explains why your participation is vital

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Cargill: size is everything

Brewster Kneen
| 1st April 2003
If you want to understand why globalisation is so destructive, you need look no further than the invisible food giant Cargill. By Brewster Kneen.

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