The sunlight filters through, warming the surface of a frozen lake. (c) Michal Osmenda, Brussels

The Fish

James Morris-Knight
| 29th September 2017
Fiction for Friday: Through a fictional short story about the underwater inhabitant of a Canadian lake, JAMES MORRIS-KNIGHT explores the loss of tradition, crime and industry in North America.

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Man's Industrial Progress

Phil Moore
| 25th September 2008
One of Canada’s most well known photographers, Edward Burtynsky, has travelled the world documenting the link between nature and industry through his large-format photos of nature transformed through industry; the ‘manufactured landscapes’ of mines, dams, and factories.

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Think before you fly

Mark Anslow
| 11th April 2008
No one believed Big Tobacco could ever be snuffed out - until health warning stickers were made law. If the same principle of science, information and activism were applied to the aviation industry, argues Mark Anslow, the air we breathe could get cleaner yet

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When bad news is good news

Isabel Hilton
| 15th February 2008
There were deaths, pollution and substandard goods, but last year’s slew of negative
publicity may have encouraged China to face up to its responsibilities, says Isabel Hilton

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