International development


Outfitting Africa

Joe Turner
| 19th March 2009
Dressing poorer countries in our designer cast-offs while we invest in shabby sweatshop chic? Invest in their infrastructure, not vetements, argues Joe Turner

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A global land-grab

Martin Large
Neil Ravenscroft
| 16th March 2009
Wealthy countries and agribusiness want farmland, poorer countries need capital – but what happens to the locals? By Martin Large and Neil Ravenscroft

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Aral Sea - a cause for hope?

Paul Miles
| 2nd February 2009
Does the Aral Sea, the biggest environmental disaster of the 90s, offer us cause for hope? Paul Miles reports, and sees parallels with a bigger man-made disaster – climate change

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Tree Thieves

Steve Kemper
| 7th August 2008
The environmental disaster that put paid to China's intensive logging spawned an illegal trade in timber that risks global erosion. In their rush to feed the dragon, loggers on both sides of the law can't see the trees for the wood, says Steve Kemper

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burning slums.jpg

The North-South divide

Helena Norberg-Hodge
| 22nd June 2008
Rich industrialised countries have a responsibility to help others stick to their green responsibilities, argues Helena Norberg-Hodge, not collude in helping shirk them

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Tata and the turtles

Ashish Fernandes
| 24th April 2008
Tata is not limiting itself to dominance of the mainland. Ashish Fernandes reports on the sea turtles falling foul of the corporation in waters off the Indian subcontinent

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The commons: an antidote to globalisation

Jonathon Rowe
| 1st April 2008
The corporate market has become the institutional equivalent of a compulsive eater. It has a built-in hunger that cannot be filled, and it is hard to stop the damage within the framework of its own game.

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Spinning Wheels

Dan McDougall
| 13th March 2008
‘This is the Indian dream!’ shouts Mohit, clutching a tattered plastic bag as he joins the impatient throng gathering at Hall A of the Auto Expo in New Delhi. Around us more than 100,000 Indians are aggressively jostling for space and a precious glimpse of the £1,200 Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car. It is a vehicle that, put simply, costs less than the optional DVD player on the new Lexus LX470 SUV.

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When bad news is good news

Isabel Hilton
| 15th February 2008
There were deaths, pollution and substandard goods, but last year’s slew of negative
publicity may have encouraged China to face up to its responsibilities, says Isabel Hilton

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