Fracking Hell? How Poland's dash for gas turned sour

Andrew Wasley
| 28th February 2013
Poland is about to open its doors to an unprecedented dash for gas. But with multinational energy companies circling and widespread fracking about to begin, people and the environment are in the firing line. Andrew Wasley reports from Gdansk

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Caroline Lucas

Where next for the Greens?

Bibi van der Zee
| 28th May 2012
After some of the biggest breakthroughs in their history, the Green Party now faces a leadership election so what happens now? Are the Greens ready to take the next big leap forward, asks Bibi van der Zee

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big oil

Oil deal 'threatens Ugandan biodiversity'

Alice Klein
| 9th March 2012
The discovery of oil in Uganda was a blessing to the impoverished East African country. But before the oil has even started pumping, disputes over tax, accusations of corruption and fears for the environment plague the sector. Alice Klein reports from Hoima

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