local food

Potatoes at a farmers' market. Photo: John Morgan via everystockphoto.com.

Eat your way to a better world

Ruth Stokes
| 4th December 2013
Keen to save the world but don't want to end up in a Russian prison? In the second of her 3-part 'Activism for Busy People' series, Ruth Stokes suggests changing the way you source your food as an approach to activism that won't turn your life upside down.

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Community Orchards

What is a community orchard?

Matilda Lee
| 6th May 2011
The pioneers behind Apple Day - Sue Clifford & Angela King of Common Ground - have recently published a handbook on community-owned fruit orchards. Here they give the Ecologist their top tips and advice on getting started

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Nasty, Brutish & Short

Sally Fallon
| 1st July 2003
In the 1930s US dentist Weston Price travelled the world to study the diets of ‘primitive’ peoples. He found a startling lack of disease and proof that a system of environmentally-friendly local food production is the best way to ensure human health.

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