Plants Before Pills

Sebastian Pole
| 16th June 2015
Ayurvedic practitioner Sebastian Pole of Pukka Herbs looks at the role of plants in the history of medicine and why reconnecting with natural food is essential to our health. With the explosion of system-wide health disorders, its time to take a more holistic approach to wellbeing.

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Green medicine

Can the NHS ever be green?

Delny Britton
| 27th April 2011
Delny Britton investigates the hidden impacts of western mainstream medicine - including pollution from pharmaceutical products, high carbon emissions and adverse drug reactions - and asks whether the healthcare sector can ever be truly sustainable

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Child taking medicine

Behind the Label: Calpol

Pat Thomas
| 29th October 2009
The season of flu (and fear of swine flu) is upon us. But before you reach for this sticky pink cocktail dished out by doctors and parents as a cure-all for children, think again...

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Suppression isn't cure

Pat Thomas
| 1st March 2007
Our love affair with convenience culture extends to a reliance on convenience ‘cures’ for minor complaints. In the first article of a new series, the Ecologist’s Health Editor Pat Thomas says that self-medication isn’t the same as self-help

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School Uniformity

Rachel Ragg
| 22nd September 2006
The exuberance of childhood celebrated in books such as Just William is now frowned upon as inappropriate behaviour, resulting in more and more children being prescribed behavioural drugs. Rachel Ragg investigates

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