Terrorism and globalisation

Fritjof Capra
| 1st May 2003
For all its obsession with international terrorism, Washington fails to see how the phenomenon is driven by its own model of globalisation – a model that is itself uniquely vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Fritjof Capra on security and sustainability

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The New Great Game

Lutz C. Kleveman
| 1st April 2003
War on Iraq is about a lot more than boosting oil companies’ profits. It’s the latest battle in the ongoing war over who gets to control the earth’s remaining energy reserves. By Lutz C Kleveman.

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Whale songs drowned out by navy sonars

The Ecologist
| 1st February 2003
Navy vs the Whales. They have the most mysterious and beautiful songs in the natural world. But now they are dying, drowned out by the deafening roar of Western navies’ new sonar devices.

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The Ecologist
| 1st February 2003
Or Myanmar, depending on which side of the military regime you find yourself. If like the companies below you support the regime, enjoy your visit to Myanmar. If not, please boycott Burma.

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Deafness in the deep

Leigh Calvez
| 7th June 2000
A new threat to whales, dolphins and other marine life exists in the worlds oceans, as the US Navys new sonar technology could have huge long-term effects on their whole way of life. Leigh Calvez reveals why the lords of the sea aren't singing any more.

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