Plan Bee for refugees is creating a buzz

Michael Buckley
| 22nd May 2018
Beekeeping is not only providing a much-needed income for a remote Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal, but is also proving a boon to local flora. It’s a win-win scenario. Economic win, ecological win. MICHAEL BUCKLEY reports

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The sacred water of Gosainkunda Lake at the headwaters of the Trishuli River, soon to be changed forever by the construction fo a succession of high dams. Photo: Yosarian via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY).

In Nepal's next big quake, hydropower dams threaten catastrophe

Michael Buckley
| 4th May 2015
A spate of hydroelectric dam building in Nepal means that future earthquakes could send inland tsunamis flooding down the steep mountain valleys, writes Michael Buckley. Disaster was averted in last month's quake - a badly damaged dam was not yet filled. But despite the risks and the damage to river ecology, tourism and rural livelihoods, there's no sign of any policy shift.

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A Kathmandu shanty town

Can the Kathmandu Valley be Saved?

Joseph Mayton
| 26th September 2012
The once bustling Bagmati river has become the focal point of Nepal’s struggle to bring modernity to this once isolated region. And the environment is struggling to survive, writes Joseph Mayton.

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