Elephants suffer as forestry habitat destroyed

The Ecologist
| 2nd July 2013
The Sumatran elephant, one of the smallest of the Asian elephants, is the most endangered elephant in the world. Currently there are between 2,400 and 2,800 left, making the species 'critically endangered', according to the charity Elephant Family.

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US horsemeat trade

America's secret and brutal horsemeat trade

Andrew Wasley
| 18th March 2013
Few Americans are aware that their country's horses are being exported and slaughtered abroad - often in appalling conditions - to supply European taste for a meat that's shunned at home. Andrew Wasley reports

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Shades of gray: America's wolf dilemma

Jim Wickens
| 11th March 2013
Reviled by ranchers and fawned over by conservationists, the Gray wolf is highly controversial in the US. Jim Wickens travels to Montana and Wyoming to unravel the complex arguments surrounding plans to cull the animals

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Fracking Hell? How Poland's dash for gas turned sour

Andrew Wasley
| 28th February 2013
Poland is about to open its doors to an unprecedented dash for gas. But with multinational energy companies circling and widespread fracking about to begin, people and the environment are in the firing line. Andrew Wasley reports from Gdansk

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